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Strategic thinking and strategic planning offer opportunities to think big and get focused. Strategy can keep everyone moving in a common direction with clear priorities, while being flexible enough to respond to changes in the environment.

  • San Francisco Mayor's Task Force on    Anti-Human Trafficking

  • Fems for Dems

  • Equal Rights Advocates

  • Alameda County Public Health Department, Office of AIDS Administration

  • City of Santa Fe Arts Commission

Impact approaches can change lives by achieving collective impact through multi-sector collaboration. Cradle-to-cradle ecologically sustainable practices. Expansion of democracy. Moving the needle on a seemingly intractable social problem. Positive results in the triple bottom line. Tying vision and values with implementation and evaluation.

  • One Fair Wage

  • Voters Not Politicians (End Gerrymandering)

  • Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership

  • Roots of Change Fund

  • Campaign for a Free Choice

  • Esprit

Sustaining results may take continuous feedback and learning; a high level of stakeholder engagement and ownership; aligned structures and policies; and focus on core priorities. It can also take anticipating change, leveraging strengths and opportunities, and being in sync with ecologically and socially sound practice.

  • University of California at Berkeley

  • San Francisco Department of Public Health Emergency Medical Services Agency

  • Urban Habitat Program

  • Nissan-Europe

  • Rally Services Program

  • Dellums Institute for Social Justice

Capacity lies at the core of effective and efficient implementation. Identifying and strengthening skills, structures and capabilities build successful organizations and initiatives.

Leadership development on staff and board, assessment and evaluation, training, revised policies and procedures, leveraging diversity, and aligning organizational culture are among the approaches tailored to meet unique client needs.

  • Alameda County Probation Department Community Capacity Fund

  • Foundation in Support of Local Democracy

  • World Wildlife Fund

  • Campaign for a Free Choice

  • Intel

  • Berkeley High School Jazz Program

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