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Projects (selected examples) 



Featured Project:  The Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership



Collective impact consulting and facilitation were provided to help improve health outcomes for Tenderloin neighborhood residents, one of San Francisco's most challenged communities.


Spearheaded by the Saint Francis Foundation and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, over 150 stakeholder organizations from the public, private and nonprofit   

sectors - informed by resident input and research data - have engaged.

A common agenda, theory of change, mutually reinforcing activities, governance structures, policy alignment and corporate support reinforced successful launch of its first initiatives. These included Safe Passage and the new Boeddeker Park and its broad community services.


Equal Rights Advocates. Public interest legal organization's strategic planning process set clear priorities and reframed services through the 2008 economic crash. Results included smooth staff and board leadership transitions; strong marketing profile; upgraded facilities; and focused fund development and programs, including continued pursuit of Dukes v. Wal-Mart, the largest civil rights class action in US history.


Rally Visitation Services Program. Strategic plan for group providing supervised family visitation services for at-risk children resulted in expanded funding and recognition as a national model. A governance restructuring plan, redesigned fundraising strategy, community involvement plan, reconfigured stakeholder roles, and board development enabled Rally to stabilize, strengthen and ultimately start expanding regionally.


Urban Habitat Program. Developing environmental justice leadership and a unified impact strategy out of semi-autonomous projects were key outcomes...


San Francisco Department of Public Health Emergency Medical Services Agency. Facilitated the no-layoff reconfiguration of emergency medical services. The multi-team consensus process involved over 300 people from 30 private, public, labor, and community-based groups. Leaders were trained to help guide the process. The 250 recommendations were unanimously adopted by the Health Commission.


Esprit. Helped spearhead clothing manufacturer and retailer’s sustainability transformation identify and develop leaders; design company-wide team; find technical auditors; and strategize one of the world’s first ecological clothing lines. Evaluated and strengthened social and environmental performance. Consulted on business strategy, project management, cross-departmental teambuilding, and ecological (life cycle/full cost) accounting.


University of California at Berkeley. As Organizational Development Lead for university-wide IT/finance transformation, assessed capabilities, impacts, risks and helped guide strategic policy and culture change. Helped design and deliver action learning trainings, business process mapping, and coaching to 36 units. Assessed, evaluated and generated solutions to foster unit integration and acceptance; strengthen leadership capabilities; and reinforce sustainability. Analyzed budget hearings and designed and facilitated onboarding, training, teambuilding, cross-functional teams, and multi-unit partnering.


Roots of Change Fund. Evaluated a 9-foundation collaborative established to catalyze a sustainable food system in California. Provided formative feedback and reports on grantee projects, Fund strategy and state impact. Major multi-sector policy agreements and legislation were achieved, and $32 million was directly leveraged from a $2 million investment within 2 years. Multi-millions were also generated for funding to the sustainable food system field nationwide.


Save-the-Redwoods League. Was executive thought partner during major organizational change. Developed and trained the board of directors. Revised bylaws, strengthened board-staff relations, reconfigured staff and board roles and responsibilities; addressed diversity priorities; and revamped recruitment and orientation. Helped position SRL to make significantly larger land deals and successfully expand from grove conservation into protecting entire watersheds.


Foundation in Support of Local Democracy. Directed capacity-building for 21 training centers leading post-communist local government reform and training local government officials and staff in Poland. Consulted, coached, and trained trainers, directors and staff who built skills and democratic process in the areas of management, training, supervision, program design, strategy, marketing, finances, budgeting, process, facilitation, diversity, and evaluation. 

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