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Making the promise of democracy a reality requires a reckoning with the contradictions embedded in its founding: being guided by its vision while addressing its deepest flaws that affect us to this day. Sound policy, legislative, and electoral work seek reform and systemic change - and are integrally informed by community engagement, leadership, and lived voice. 


  • Strategic Electoral Priorities

  • Voter Registration/Voting Rights Strategies and Partnerships

  • Campaign Strategy and Advising

  • Candidate Endorsements

  • Legislative Policy Strategy, Tracking, Coordination

  • Donor Advising (campaigns, social justice, voter registration/rights)

  • Organizing and Field Operations Support

  • Presentations on such topics as Engagement for Impact and Bridging the Divide.  


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Qualification & Expertise

Experience spans decades. Recent engagements have included:

  • Legislative and Policy Coordination for One Fair Wage. Did legislator strategy, tracking, policy development, and endorsements in multiple states for One Fair Wage. Supported US House and Senate meetings/ briefings on the Raise the Wage Act. Organized Tele-Town Halls with state legislators. Recruited and prepared workers for state legislative and congressional meetings. Worked with legislators to support bills, expand co-sponsorships, prepare bill letters, organize briefings. Managed a state "Freedom Summer" relational voter program, voter registration, mail ballots, and mobilization of infrequent voters in 2020.

  • Operations Director for Voters Not Politicians' statewide ballot initiative that ended gerrymandering in Michigan. Facilitated the leadership team, mentored regional leaders to build hundreds of partnerships, expanded field operations, spoke, monitored social media, trained and consulted to regional councils who led a volunteer army of 14,000.

  • Fundraising, strategy and field support for various candidates around the U.S.

  • Strategy, research, analysis, recruitment, and field support for electoral "resistance" groups.

  • Presenting and recruiting non-activist volunteers from blue states to support swing districts and battleground states

Academic degrees in planning, social theory, business, and organizational development have been supplemented by white ally training as well as campaign training from such groups as The Arena and Blue Pencil Strategies.

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