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Lenore Goldman is known for helping clients find creative solutions to complex challenges. Bringing extensive experience in multi-sector and multicultural contexts, she specializes in groups, initiatives, and campaigns that seek to integrate their strategic, organizational/campaign and social/environmental goals. Her wide-ranging expertise and toolkit enable clients to link their vision with impact, strategy with sustainability. 

Clients include:


  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Government agencies

  • Businesses and corporations


Lenore Goldman has helped clients achieve significant, sustainable results through:


  • Social, environmental and collective impact

  • Strategic planning


Expertise and a proven track record means that clients get:


  • Innovative solutions to thorny challenges

  • Custom-tailored designs


Modalities to support client needs span:


  • Consulting

  • Facilitation

  • Staffing

  • Capacity-building and evaluation

  • Multi-sector, multi-party policy development

  • Engagement of diverse stakeholders

  • Outcomes with integrity

  • Training/Workshop Facilitation

  • Thought Partnering

  • Multi-sector and multi-party initiatives

  • Local, national and global organizations

  • Campaigns

Prior to consulting... 


Lenore ran a manufacturing, retail and design company and directed start-up organizations in education, civil liberties, and the arts. She holds B.A.s from the University of Michigan in Urban and Community Studies and Social Science, as well as a certificate in Education. Earning an M.B.A. in Organization Design and Development from the University of New Mexico, Lenore was awarded a W.B. Sanders Fellowship for Entrepreneurship.


Her professional training has spanned such areas as collective impact, evaluation, multi-party policy mediation and negotiation, systems thinking, cultural competency, and fund development.


"I have worked with Lenore Goldman for over twenty years, as co-author of EcoManagement and co-leader of many seminars.

I have always been impressed by her systemic thinking, her strong ecological awareness, and her skills in strategic planning."


 -Fritjof Capra, Author of The Web of Life

Co-Author of The Systems View of Life

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